Lumenos provides on site support to organizations who have multiple locations that need to be serviced.

Service Level Agreement Support

We understand the business cost of technology downtime and have consistently proven our ability to support clients of all sizes throughout every industry. We offer on site response times as short as 2 hours to our own clients. Working with our larger partners we routinely provide the local support needed to ensure they can meet industry standard 4 hour SLAs, and through these partnerships Lumenos has provided service either to or on behalf of 22 of the Fortune 50. Each of our locations have technicians on call 24×7.

Deployment Support

We have completed deployment projects for sundry types technology. The necessity of consistency and the importance of timeliness in the fulfillment of a large project are presumptions we make with every new roll out. Multiple networks of trusted partners give us the ability to scale, with less than 48 hours notice, to handle projects nationwide. Our travelling crews are capable of handling projects that require multiple techs at multiple locations.