Phone System Support

VoIP Service
We specialize in small business solutions to provide full featured systems to small offices at affordable rates. We have wholesale service from multiple carriers and can build systems that include carrier redundancy, least cost routing, geographic redundancy, and more.

Custom Asterisk Solutions
We have designed and implemented custom telephony solutions,  both hosted and on-premise, for a number of our clients. Examples of integration projects we have produced include:

  • PSTN relay through Asterisk queues for offsite call center and/or on-call personnel
  • Asterisk based call center with Twilio SMS management
  • Asterisk call center connected to various third party help desk or CRM systems
  • Traditional digital PBX with Asterisk voicemail and unified messaging

Support for Existing Systems
Our experienced field technicians have knowledge of legacy analog lines, traditional digital PBX systems, and modern IP phones. We provide the local support for our numerous national partners’ service contracts, and therefore we service a large percentage of the Fortune 100 companies’ local offices.

New Systems
We believe in building powerful systems for our clients that are able to exceed all of their requirements without excessive cost. As a result, all of the new systems we sell are SIP VoIP systems based on Asterisk platforms which allow unlimited expansion with no licensing fees. We are a partner with Digium (the company that maintains the source code for Asterisk) and have staff who hold the Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator (DCAA) certification.