Managed Services

We provide on-site response to resolve major outages or hardware failures, remote support for instant resolution of minor issues, network monitoring to proactively prevent problems from disrupting your systems, and hosted services to add features without increasing overhead. We provide support for your total technology footprint. Therefore, your individual users, servers, security, network, printers, phone systems, and audio/visual needs can all be integrated in to a single, seamless solution.

By combining these services, you receive a powerful solution that allows you to maintain the highest possible uptime, while actually lowering total costs. Rather than paying a full time salary to have a single system administrator, we have multiple technicians who are on call for all of our clients. In return for your cost savings, you receive a quicker, and guaranteed, response time.

We also include standard maintenance as part of our proactive monitoring designed to eliminate issues before they arise. We will ensure that all log files are managed, hardware life expectancy is monitored, and that simple things like virus scans and hard drive defragmentation are completed. More importantly, we will take care of all of your security updates so that you are protected against all of the latest threats. This is extremely important, since the number one reason we encounter for systems being compromised is outdated software. By providing a managed approach to updating your systems, the majority of attacks against them can be prevented.

With our managed service plan, our goal is to ensure every small business can operate with even greater reliability and security than one would expect in an enterprise network.